Versa-Holster System

Our Versa-Holster System allows the user to connect the shoulder bandolier strap so the holster can convert to a shoulder holster. When the strap is disconnected the holster can be worn as a stand alone hip holster.

3D Pancake Holsters

The newly designed “3-D” style pancake holsters have all the advantages of a slim conventional pancake holster without the pistol re-holstering problems. Most other pancake style holsters close when the pistol is withdrawn from the holster. Not ours. Our “3-D” style holsters stay open even when the pistol is not in the holster. Thanks to the design and shape of the holster, the profile is slim but yet cannot close on the user. These holsters also come in a basket weave pattern. This “3-D” feature is found on the Rocket, Quest, Wrap, and many other models.

Speed-Retainer System

We don’t just talk it, we practice it. We have some of the most innovative features found in holsters, gun cases, range bags, and other shooting accessories. The premise behind the “Speed-Retainer” system was to create a firearm retainer that was extremely safe to use. Safer than a snap closure system that requires one hand to release and two hands to close. Secondly, once the strap system on most retainers age, they fatigue and begin getting in the way of the firearm. On an old fatigued retainer, as it ages it gains memory, this memory causes the retainer to stay in the same position as it was in when it was snapped shut. This is fine when it is holding the firearm in the holster but once the firearm is removed, it would then be in the way when the user tries to re-insert their pistol back into the holster. This is where the safety issue lies. The potential to have the retainer strap lodge between the trigger and trigger guard is a valid possibility. We have taken steps to remove that potential safety issue; with our new “Speed-Retainer” that problem is solved. Lastly, we wanted to offer a much quieter and faster retainer than the traditional snap system. We have achieved this. You simply grab the tab, lift it over the hammer onto the spine of the holster, where it rests. Draw your firearm and you are ready. All in about one second. When you re-insert your firearm, the process is just reversed. Insert your pistol, grab the pull tab lift it off the holster spine, and onto the back of the firearm. Again, a one second action. Because there are no mechanical parts, there is no noise. It creates a very quiet system that can be removed or replaced.

Modular Component System

The standard was set with our very first product the Versa-Holster. The modular concept of allowing one product to attach to another for added value was created then and continues to be used throughout all of our products. This creates additional value for the user. No product becomes obsolete because of this innovation. Our ammo pouches dock to our holsters, as well as our range bags. Our range bags can dock to the sides of our gun cases. Our gun cases will accept our ammo pouches and other accessories as well. This allows the user to “Custom” create the system that works for them and their individual needs.